Kong crushes Becomes the King of the Box Office

Kong: The Skull Island is building up to Godzilla vs Kong coming in the summer of 2020.

This weekend, Warner Bros. has once again boasted another success for its strong debut of its monster reboot Kong: Skull Island. The monster movie soared to an estimated $61M from at least 3,800 locations in North America.

While not among the top ten March openings of all-time, the PG-13 film did drive in more business than expected and more importantly gave the studio and Legendary successful “reinventions” for both Godzilla and King Kong properties.

Kong: Skull Island is the second film of the now official MonsterVerse franchise that leads up to the monster epic showdown of Godzilla vs Kong in 2020. This strategy has also been used by Marvel for their cinematic universe franchise that started with 2008’s Iron Man.

Skull Island made a reported $11 million more than Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong reboot.

The movie has also roared overseas as well, with the debut grossing a superb $81.6M. Many markets opened bigger than 2014’s Godzilla and leading the way were the U.K. with $7.6M and Korea with $7.3M. China and Japan will open the film two weeks from now, so those numbers will rise.

The full March 10-12 US box office estimates follow below.

1. Kong: Skull Island – $61 million
2. Logan – $37.9 million
3. Get Out – $21.1 million
4. The Shack – $10.1 million
5. The Lego Batman Movie – $7.8 million
6. Before I Fall – $3.1 million
7. Hidden Figures – $2.8 million
8. John Wick: Chapter 2 – $2.7 million
9. MET Opera: La Traviata – $1.8 million
10. La La Land -- $1.8 million

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