Jonny Greenwood prank Thom Yorke

Jonny Greenwood looped the frontman’s expletive and the audience loved it.

Band member Jonny Greenwood played a prank on frontman Thom Yorke after a technical glitch caused him to curse at a recent Radiohead concert in the U.S.

The band was playing their 2011 song ‘Give Up The Ghost’ in California when Yorke realised there was a problem with the technical set-up and said “Aw, sh--t” into the mic.

A quick-thinking Jonny Greenwood managed to record Yorke’s expletive; then proceeded to sample and loop it as Yorke tried to continue singing. The delighted crowd laughed at the minor mishap.

Watch the moment unfold below. Thom Yorke cursed at around the 1:51 mark.
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