Billie Joe Armstrong shared a photo of himself at age 5Image Source:

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has just shared a photo of himself in a recording studio at just five years old.

The punk-rock star was in the studio to record a track called ‘Look For Love’, alongside his childhood singing teacher Mis Fiataroni. Armstrong notes that it is the very same studio where Green Day would eventually record breakthrough album ‘Dookie’, 16 years later.

The caption reads: “sooo. here’s a fun story. the amazing woman in this photo is Mrs Fiataroni. she basically taught me how to sing. this is a picture of us in 1977 at fantasy studios in Berkeley ca. I was 5 years old. I recorded a record called ‘Look for Love’. 16 years later Green Day recorded Dookie in the same studio. (dude on the right was the engineer)

Look at the photo below:

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