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Back in July last year, Lana Del Rey released her fifth studio album called ‘Lust for Life’. The last track of the album is called ‘Get Free’ and music fans around the world heard something familiar.

People noticed that Del Rey’s Get Free sounds similar to Radiohead’s classic 1992 hit ‘Creep’. Radiohead and their lawyers think so too and they want to claim 100% royalties from Del Rey.

According to a report from The Sun, “both teams are trying to thrash it out behind the scenes to prevent it going to court.” Del Rey claimed ‘Get Free’ wasn’t inspired by ‘Creep’ but she is willing to give 40% royalties to Radiohead. However, the band’s team wants 100% and so Del Rey’s lawyers have no choice but to take it to court.


Do you think the two songs sound similar? You be the judge.