Logan Paul punished by YouTubeImage Source: wetheunicorns.com

Logan Paul is a very popular 22-year old American vlogger or YouTuber who has more than 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Logan Paul Vlogs”.

Early this year the young vlogger was involved in a huge controversy when he uploaded his video blog experience in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, one of the world’s most prevalent suicide sites. In the video, Paul and his group of friends discovered a body hanging from one of the trees in the forest. The shocked vloggers approached the body, filmed it and proceeded to make jokes.

Paul explained that he intended to film the “haunted” aspect of the forest and did not anticipate they would stumble into a real suicide victim. In the video, Paul took a minute to make a shoddy attempt at discussing depression and suicide. However, online comments found the video “immature”, “disrespectful” and “disgusting” considering that Paul decided not to edit out how they joked and laughed after discovering the body.


YouTube has finally decided to punish the young vlogger. His channels have now been removed by YouTube's Google Preferred program, where brands sell ads on the platform's top 5% of content creators. YouTube also announced they will put on hold original projects they were planning with Logan Paul.

This punishment will cost Logan Paul financial benefits as his videos will no longer earn top-tier cash per click. - but as he hasn't been completely kicked off YouTube, he will still earn a little bit of money from views.