She may not be so full of Bad Blood after all.

Taylor Swift is undeniably one of the most famous pop acts of today and has easily become one of the richest women in music. Swift reportedly makes up to a million dollars on a daily basis and it won’t come off as a surprise if she becomes a billionaire in an instant. Despite having a slew of feuds here and there, she’s certainly not stingy with her money. Not only does she frequently help fans out with medical bills and presents, apparently she’s also very generous when it comes to other musicians. This past Thursday, the country music slash pop icon gave a whopping $50,000 to her favorite orchestra, the Seattle Symphony.

Swift wrote to Ludovic Morlot, the orchestra’s conductor and music director, explaining that she had been inspired by a recording of Grammy-award winning composer John Luther AdamsBecome Ocean, which was commissioned by the Symphony.

But the best part about all this is that a portion of the money will go directly to helping fund music education throughout Washington! The Seattle Times reports that Swift’s donation is to be used to help fund two of the orchestra’s programmes: Link Up, which sends artists into primary schools for a week at a time to teach music, and its musicians’ pension fund.

Swift has been generous with her money before, earning a reputation as pop’s most high profile philanthropist. In 2014 she donated all the proceeds from her single Welcome to New York to the city’s public education system. She has donated generously to disaster relief, giving $100,000 to the Red Cross to help victims of the Iowa flood in 2008, and $500,000 to an appeal to help flood victims in Tennessee in May 2010. That was followed by $250,000 to a tornado relief charity in Alabama in 2011.

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