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I had an interesting talk with Y101fm’s Vice President, Joseph Steven.

It was actually an opportunity to get to know more about Joseph since I rarely see him. At first, I was too shy to talk to him but my impressions were wrong- Joseph is actually a very cool guy. The longer the conversation went, the more interesting it became. I learned a lot from him and had more insights.

Joseph thinks that the 80’s was not the best era. Music was scattered during that time because everyone was kind of experimenting and trying to be commercial since MTV came out. Music video was basically a new thing and everyone was trying to get in! Well, before MTV, The Doobie brothers released a music video in HBO, so it was more of an experiment- trying new stuff.  I can imagine that since I can see those phases happening quite often. Joseph’s comments about the 80’s reminded me of the not so present situation where every mainstream artist was experimenting with the EDM. Think of a hip hop/ rap group trying to collaborate with a DJ who does electro house! It happened a lot not so long ago. According to Joseph, everyone was trying to get a piece of the pie during the 80’s- David Bowie transformed from rock to commercial-everyone was changing that is why he appreciates the ones that remained the same like U2 and Police. It was congested!

Compared to the 80’s, the 90’s was so much better. Joseph shared that the 90’s were more “organized”. Most of all, genres like grunge and the likes came out (Nirvana). I raise my cup of coffee in agreement. The 90’s absolutely had the best kind of music no matter what genre it was.

Joseph thinks that Freddie Mercury was a genius, but he never really was into his music although he could say that they were really good.

He is a loyal fan of Led Zeppelin and thinks that they are the best until now although he can’t determine which the best track is, he claims that Led Zeppelin are the pioneers of bands and groupies, so if anyone wants to do the same, look up to Led Zeppelin. For Joseph, Led Zeppelin shook the world and is the real Rock n’ Roll.

He loves The Police.

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