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As predicted last week, it’s a tug-of-war for the number one spot as Timberlake and Drake fight it off for best summer jam of the year on the Weekly Top 20.

Find out whether Drake’s stayed on top or if he got dethroned by the cunning pop star that is JT.

As we do every week, let us rundown the charting songs of this week’s Weekly Top 20.

Moving three positions up, Timberlake finally reaches the number one spot as he dethrones Drake and his international friends in a tough fight. Not only did Drake got knocked off the top, he got knocked off far to number 3 as Calvin Harris and Rihanna comes out second place this week. Their collaboration on the song This is What You Came For snuck up behind, but it won’t take Timberlake’s spot just soon. Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling might stay on the top for a long time, unless Drake comes back and they are start pulling each out again.

Another track sneaking up the top is Ruth B’s Lost Boy. This pop ballad tune made its way to number 4, just ahead of Rihanna’s retro rock ballad Kiss it Better.

Debuting this week is Simple Plan’s own summer-sounding jam, despite the title, Singing in the Rain. The song enters the charts at number 16. Debuting at number 19 is the surprisingly unknown Inas X who sings about the celebration of love in Love Is.


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