Jose Rizal memorabilia outside Luzon

Do you have Rizal classes this semester? Then you might want to check out The University of the Philippine Foundation (USPF)-Rizaliana museum in downtown Cebu! You can learn more about our national hero there. The museum houses the largest collection of Jose Rizal memorabilia outside of Luzon.

Located in USPF’s oldest campus in Mabini Street, right beside the Cathedral Museum, the USPF-Rizaliana museum houses many significant artifacts like a collection of several writings made by Jose Rizal which are credited to have fired the flames of nationalism that led to the Philippine Revolution in 1898.

The Rizaliana museum has also  pieces of the hero’s wardrobe, including undershirts, winter coats, sketches of his sisters; and letters to his colleagues and friends, as well as all fourteen postcards with the text of his poem Mi Ultimo Adios, and an original KKK flag.

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