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Stan Lee’s doctor recommended that he stay at home than "risk getting worse."

Comic book legend Stan Lee was supposed to come to Comic Con's FanX event this weekend. The 94-year old creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, the X-Men, among others, was originally scheduled to attend a panel and sign autographs for fans, but he dropped out due to an undisclosed health issue.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, Salt Lake Comic Con explained that Lee's doctor recommended that he stay at home and recuperate rather than "risk getting worse."

Lee also missed another Comic Con event the week before due to the same health issue. While this was supposed to be Lee's last appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX event, the convention announced that his appearance had been "postponed" while he recovered. But he did make a surprise appearance at Fan-X, after all, through Skype.


The crowd went wild when he appeared onscreen to answer questions. Lee said, “Hey if you guys are annoyed or disappointed that I'm not there, just imagine how I feel. I’ve been looking forward to attending what I think is one of the great cons of all time.” Lee joked that he has come up with a great idea for a new supervillain called ‘The Fiendish Mr. Flu’.

However, throughout the Skype interview, Lee would cough uncontrollably, prompting many fans to worry about his well-being.







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