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Justin Bieber has once again topped this week’s Weekly Top 20 chart. His song Friends, a collaboration with his real life friends Bloodpop and Julia Michaels, reached the number one spot from last week’s number 3 position. Meanwhile, Harry Styles debuted his second single Two Ghosts, a song which people suspect is about his past relationship with Taylor Swift.

Check out fun facts about the songs that hit this week’s chart below.


What Lovers Do by Maroon 5 ft. SZA

  • “What Lovers Do” is the first collaboration between pop band Maroon 5 and soul singer SZA [pronounced Sizza]. The song’s lyrical content centers around a poker metaphor on the chorus.
  • In poker, a full house is one of the better hands of cards you can draw. Luck is a central element of poker because it’s a betting game—similarly, singer Adam Levine is hoping to get lucky with the girl, the subject of the song What Lovers Do.


Uh Huh by Julia Michaels

  • Uh Huh is Julia Michael’s lo-fi, floor-thumping follow-up single. The song is a battle between head and heart, as Michaels' fiery feelings for her new man overpower her rational desire to take it slow.
  • In a no strings-attached kind of relationship, the last thing you want to do is to catch feelings. However, in the song Uh Huh, Julia Michael’s feelings are working against her and making her want more and more of this person- either romantically or physically.

Two Ghosts by Harry Styles

  • “Two Ghosts” is the second single released by Harry Styles as a solo artist. The lyrical content of the song deals with a prior relationship from which Harry and his partner walked away from. This relationship also made the two of them much different people.
  • Fans theorized that this song is about Harry Style’s past relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. Fans also argued that Two Ghosts could be a subtle reference, at least conceptually, to Taylor’s song “Welcome To New York”, where Harry and Taylor’s relationship mostly occurred.