Three new songs enter the WEEKEND TOP 20 charts for the 3rd week of December. These songs are thank u, next by Ariana Grande, Zero by Imagine Dragons and Crying Over You by HONNE. Check out fun facts about the songs below.

Knocker: “Primordial” by Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells

  • 'Primordial' is the most recent single from nu-disco hit machine Tim Bernhardt, a.k.a. Satin Jackets. In this song the German producer reunites with American singer Niya Wells to create another sultry, electrifying house track that according to Satin Jackets, “goes down easier than the first cocktail of the night”.

Debut:  “Crying Over You” by HONNE feat. BEKA

  • Crying Over You” is the 8th track off HONNE’s album “Love Me / Love Me Not”, which structurally tells a track-by-track love story. Part 1 of the album contains tracks that first start with how the couple met, then their first date, and then sex. Part 2, continues with the couple trying a long distance relationship, then track 8 “Crying Over You” talks about the pain of missing each other. Later tracks talk about the dissolution of the relationship until the album ends with the track titled “Forget Me (Not)”.

Debut:Zero’ by Imagine Dragons

  • Under the upbeat and joyful melody, Zero by Imagine Dragons speaks about the hardships, struggles, and anxiety one faces. Suicide and depression are also subtly referenced in the song. Despite the bleak message, the song is used as the lead single from Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet soundtrack.

Debut:thank u, next” by Ariana Grande

  • In this worldwide number one hit, Ariana Grande discusses themes of self-love, growth, and empowerment after a breakup. She references her most public romantic relationships over the years and does not shy away from dropping the names of her exes including Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, and Mac Miller.

Gossip  - Khalid

  • Khalid was recently listed as the 5th most streamed artist on Spotify with 41.5 million listeners monthly. He is followed by Imagine Dragons at 4th place, Drake at 3rd, Selena Gomez at 2nd, and Ariana Grande who is the number one most streamed artist of 2018. To celebrate this feat, Khalid is spending his Christmas season doing Jingle Ball, a string of gigs across North America.

#1 – “Malibu Nights” by LANY

  • As we all know, frontman Paul Klein wrote this song after a really bad breakup with singer Dua Lipa. Klein is the only member of LANY who receives a songwriting credit on the track. With a total length of four minutes and 46 seconds, it is the longest song the band has ever released.