Check out some interesting facts about this week’s hits below!

Knocker: “Why Do You Love” by The Chainsmokers ft. 5 Seconds of Summer

  • This is the first single by The Chainsmokers following the release of their second album last December. The song features vocals by the Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer, which the Chainsmokers said have been one of their favorite artists to work with so far.

Debut:How You Love Me” by Hardwell ft. Conor Maynard & Snoop Dogg

  • Back in September last year, Dutch DJ Hardwell, announced via his Instagram that he was going to retire from live shows and that he would take time off for his personal life. But he also promise to continue producing more music and that he “will never let it go”.  And so came Christmas, the producer dropped a new song, the electro-pop inspired track called “How You Love Me”, featuring rap verses by Snoop Dogg and vocals by frequent collaborator Conor Maynard.

Debut: “Swan Song” by Dua Lipa

  • A “swan song” is a metaphor for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song just before their death, having been silent during most of their lifetime. This parallels the message of the movie “Alita: Battle Angel” in which “Swan Song”, the song made for the movie, talks about how we must never stop fighting for what we believe in. No matter how long we get there or much we wait, we will all eventually sing our own swan songs.

Debut: “Sweet But Psycho” by Ava Max

  • This is the first hit song by up-and-coming artist Ava Max. Co-written by Max herself, “Sweet But Psycho” is about a girl who is misunderstood in a relationship. She thinks she is going mad, but her lover still loves her anyway and calls her his “sweet psycho”.


  • Recently, Post Malone’s fans just found out he has a girlfriend. This ignited an online hunt to find who that girlfriend is. The identity of Malone’s girlfriend is not known, but fans found her Instagram account and shared it online. After the account was deactivated, people published screenshots of her photos which is definitely not cool. Post Malone took to Twitter to slam the people who aren’t respecting his girlfriend’s privacy and called them “not true fans”. A lot of people were surprised to find out the rapper had a girlfriend at all as his relationship status was previously unknown.

Fearless Forecast: Timebomb by Walk The Moon

  • After a period of tension and family tragedies among the band members, Walk the Moon finally releases a new song just earlier this year. “Timebomb”, the indie pop/rock band’s latest single, talks about a person trying to understand his own limitations and flaws that push other people away.

#1: “Silence” by Before You Exit

  • Silence” is the latest single by the American all-brothers pop band Before You Exit. Last October, when the band first announced the release of the song, they also the plan to release their first full-length album, “Love, pain, and retrospect” which will include the song “Silence” in the “Love” section of the album. There is no official date yet of when that album will drop.