For our boys that want their facial hair game strong, here's some news for 'yall!

If you’re a fan of the still growing beard trend, you might have noticed that it’s definitely beard season! More and more of our guys are starting to grow beards and while most would agree that lining up your beard can be a tough task to take on by yourself, it’s definitely doable given the right tools.


Between convenient razor subscription services and sexy boutique beard-care brands, the shaving market is having a bit of a renaissance right now. Startup brand Bevel raised a whopping $24 million in financing with contributions from Google, John Legend, and Magic Johnson among others. Thanks to that support, Bevel introduced a new product earlier this week: an electric trimmer.

Now, while many gents feel at home shaping their beard using an electric razor, there’s something else to consider. The truth is, electric razors just don’t cut close enough. Our guys seek the freshest and sharpest lines at all times.

Designed to give you precise shaving and shaping abilities while harboring less bacteria thanks to a hypoallergenic coating, there's a lot to like about the Bevel Trimmer apart from its sleek design. Brand ambassador Nas claimed that he didn't need much of at home maintenance ever since and spoke about the latest release saying, “the design is phenomenal, it cuts precise and clean lines, it’s powerful plugged in or cordless, and cleanliness is built into the design. When Tristan first showed the trimmer to me and my barber [Marcus Harvey], we knew it was a game-changer because it has what barbers and everyday people want.

The Bevel Trimmer is priced at $180.00 and you can grab yours today.

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