loorank 2Image Source: rd.com

Imagine you’re on the streets of Cebu celebrating the Sinulog festival along with the rest of the thousands of people who came to flock outside. It’s hot, it’s crowded and you’ve been drinking a lot of liquids all day. Then all of a sudden you have this tingling feeling. Sweat slowly trickles down your face. It feels like your dam is about to overflow. You must find a hidden place immediately or else your tiny bladder might explode. Not only that, but the burrito you ate for lunch isn’t sitting well in your body. You realize that you must find a clean toilet right now or else the explosion might become much, much messier.

So you blindly run forward, pushing and shoving random people in front of you. You scream, “Bathroom!!” and hopped to the nearest building you see. Luckily you managed to hold off your urges for fifteen minutes. You finally found a door labeled “C.R”. But as you dreaded the restroom you stumble into is the worst. It smells, it’s dirty and there’s puddle of pee on the floor!

Isn’t times like this you wish for a special app to exist? A kind of app that lets you know where the nearest and cleanest most comfortable restrooms are located. Well fortunately for all of us, an app exactly like that does actually exists!

It’s called LOOrank!

LOOrank lets people post pictures of public restrooms (from restaurants, malls, bars, airports, gas stations, etc.) and rank them based on the cleanliness and comfort you experience. It’s the best app to know which public restroom you should go to especially during times in emergencies!

Download the free app on Android and IOS and start rating toilets around the world. So together we will raise the standards.