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BooI! I know it was such a fun semestral break. It may have been a long vacation for others though it went like a flash (for some), it seemed like it was just yesterday when we had our last day for the first semester.

Now that our break is over, we have no choice but to deal with it. *sigh*

I bet you all had a wonderful soul-filled break and I mean literally soul-filled. Halloween had just passed and everyone seemed to have a fun time preparing themselves to look like the scariest creatures walking down the streets looking for candies. It's funny when you think of why candies for Halloween.

Halloween is not the only thing that happened during our semestral break. On November 1, we celebrated All Saint's Day which is a holy day for Catholics where known saints (who have been canonized) be recognized. Don't confuse this with the All Soul's Day which is on November 2. This is when we go to the cemetary to visit our loved ones who have passed away.

Since Halloween, All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day are already done, it is now time to move on and go back to our school , work and life. It's not a bad thing though. Can't you just wait to tell stories to your friends about your vacation?

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