First Anniversary at The Sentral

On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of August 2017, The Sentral Cebu threw WE ONE, the anniversary weekend event of the popular bar & lounge. It was three consecutive nights of music, drinks, dancing, celebrity guests, and did I mention drinks?

The rhythm crew was invited to the special event. On the last day, we came as early as 7pm. A stage was set up just outside The Sentral, with rows of tables running down the driveway. Several food stalls were also lined up so that everyone could buy dinner to accompany their drinks.  

The first performance of the night was given by the acoustic styling of Henrick James Pestaño (guitar), Monica Cuenco and Jhelsea Maine Flores (vocals). The trio sang everyone's favorite pop and R&B tunes that include The Chainsmokers' Closer and TLC's No Scrubs.

 Then by 10pm, Cebu's legendary group Powerspoonz provided a stripped back, chill and relaxed performance of pop covers and originals from their repertoire. Frontman Akit Po accepted requests from the crowd and encouraged everyone to sing along to songs like Love Yourself by Justin Bieber and Congratulations by Post Malone. The band, who played with bongo drums and acoustic guitars that night, set a light and soothing vibe; a prelude to the wild and crazy things that would come ahead.

Just soon after Powerspoonz ended their jam, at least six people from the crowd went up on stage to accept the spicy chicken wings challenge. Each of the volunteers had to finish eating at least three chicken wings dipped in Suicide sauce, the spiciest sauce available. And instead of milk, the volunteers were provided with only beer to cool down their burning hot mouths.

 By 12 midnight, the areas outside and inside The Sentral became so crowded that you had to literally squeeze your way through. Sought-after DJ's like Travis Monson and Mark Marasigan provided the entertainment inside the bar & lounge where everyone (hopefully) had a good time. Outside, groups of friends enjoyed themselves as well. Anyone could socialize with anyone from other tables. Strangers danced with each other to the music playing in the background.

 The Sentral's First Anniversary event was a really fun experience! And hopefully, it was a fun experience for you too! 

 Stray observations:

  • Several local celebrities attended the event. Vice Ganda was spotted hanging around the VIP lounge.
  • It seemed like drinks were unlimited cos they just kept flowing
  • The rhythm crew stayed up til 3am. So we don't know how long the party really ended.