Taco Eating Contest El Taquito Cebu

El Taquito Cebu is the newest Mexican joint in town. It is founded by a real Mexican named Tony Espinosa, which can only mean one thing. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican style cuisine - tacos, nachos, burritos, tostadas, and more - then you will undoubtedly get them there at Tony’s El Taquito Cebu located at The Gallery, Mabolo.

With its colorful interiors and a special policy to make their customers happy as reasonably possible, El Taquito Cebu is one of the new restaurants in town where a good time is guaranteed. El Taquito makes it a priority to present itself as the most exceptional, welcoming, and authentic taqueria in Cebu.

The restaurant is also known for having specialty house sauces of different heat levels. They have the Orange Fire, the Red Bigote, and the Scorpion. They also have the Chupacabra, a specially-made hot sauce made by combining the two hottest peppers in the world; the ghost pepper and the Carolina reaper. These sauces, all of which are only available at El Taquito, are, as what Tony put it “so hot that they will make your panties drop!”

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El Taquito Cebu will officially open this Saturday (October 21 where Tony says he will be giving out free tacos all day, as long as you buy one drink. There will also be a taco eating contest. The winners of which will receive gift certificates and cash. For more information on that, please follow El Taquito Cebu’s official Facebook page.

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