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The highly anticipated beauty pageant Binibining Cebu is right around the corner. Fifty-four candidates, each representing the towns and municipalities of the province of Cebu, will all be competing for at least one of the five crowns this year. These include titles for Binibining Cebu, Binibining Cebu Tourism, Binibining Cebu Charity, Binibining Cebu Heritage, and Binibining Cebu Ecology. The coronation night will be held this October 19, 2018, (Friday) at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. Here’s how you can get tickets to see the show.

Last week, four representatives from Binibining Cebu 2018 paid Chad the Stud a visit on his show. Our favorite Midday Vibes host was stunned to meet the beautiful ladies in front of him, but he managed to kept his cool as he always do and asked Bb. Ronda, Alegria, Madridejos and Barili why they think they should win a crown.

Bb. Ronda Lou Dominique Piczon said she has prepared herself mentally and physically for the pageant, and “with the support of [her] friends and family”, she knows she can win anything. Piczon said that a Binibining Cebu should be “well-rounded; approachable, compassionate and hardworking”, and she believes she is all these things which makes her the best candidate to claim a Bb. Cebu crown.

Bb. Barili Marie Leolie Ursal, on the other hand, isn’t vying for the top crown but she is however looking forward to win Bb. Cebu Charity. A proud Barilijenhon, Ursal has been advocating feeding programs in her hometown. Winning the title for Bb. Cebu Charity would be a very big deal for Ursal who is planning to continue her advocacy in a much bigger scale if she wins.

And just like Ursal and the rest of the candidates from all over Cebu, Bb. Madridejos Tracy Maureen Perez is also determined to claim a crown. Perez, who joined the pageant last year, said she promised herself that she’ll do almost everything this time to win. She said that she’s “more edged now” and she believes that that will make her win.

Lastly, Bb. Alegria Kimberly Covert, said she will win a crown at this year’s Binibining Cebu because she has a purpose. Covert had been joining different pageants for all her life, and since Bb. Cebu had accepted young mothers to join, she feels she was given a chance to perform onstage again. Covert said she will win any title in Bb. Cebu 2018 because she has a new perspective in life, and she has a purpose to represent all the strong moms out there.

The Coronation Night of Binibining Cebu 2018 will be held at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, 7PM on October 19 (Friday). You can buy tickets for the pageant at the Bb. Cebu office located in the Greenery in Mabolo. Regular price for the tickets range from P500 to P3,000. For ticket purchases and reservations, contact Cess at # 0906 263 3958