During the first House of Gold party held last month, the buffet at KAYU: Kitchen + Bar had to be quickly resupplied. Everybody couldn’t seem to get enough of the delectable dishes Chef Izzy had prepared that night. Glazed salmon, squid-ink spaghetti, cochinillo, fish tacos and more. They all disappeared from the buffet table in just minutes. Because of the positive feedback regarding his food, Chef Izzy, the mastermind behind KAYU: Kitchen + Bar, was convinced to prepare the same irresistibly delicious menu for the next House of Gold this Friday (October 26).

Now even though you’ll get treated with the same delightful modern California cuisine from last time, Chef Izzy just couldn't resist adding something new to the table. During his interview with Chad the Stud last Friday, the Chef said that during this weekend's HOUSE OF GOLD he'll be introducing an exceptional off-menu dish that's only been made for special occasions. A Smokey, super rich and juicy dish that's cooked for close to 8 hours. It's something that Chef Izzy said you'll have to see and try for yourself.

Come find out what that special dish is and join us this Friday night for the second HOUSE OF GOLD, a gastronomic feast and eargasmic journey of House music spun and played by the Rhythm Crew, Boyet Illustrisimo and Manolo Aballe, with an exceptional P990 buffet made by the one and only KAYU: Kitchen + Bar. There is also a P1500 bottle of scotch and cocktails with a price range of P250 to P280  available at the bar. The House of Gold is the ultimate collab between food, music and party! For table reservations call 406 3095 / 09177083883