There are many varieties of wine around the world. The most popular of which are the red and white. Red wines are made from black grapes and have a red or darker tint. It has a strong fruity flavor and leaves a dry and puckery sensation in the mouth. The white wine on the other hand, is made mostly from white grapes and tastes much sweeter than red.

There is also however a different kind of wine that Filipinos don’t usually get. It is the rosé which sits somewhere in the middle, offering some of the best qualities in both red and white. Rosé wines are pink and light red in color. They are often made by blending together white and red wines in order to achieve a mixed flavor that features the complexity of the red wine while still maintaining the refreshing qualities of white.

Jereon Kok is the founder of the newly-launched Melchior Fine Wines in Cebu City. He grew up in Provence, France a region best known for making the best rosé wines in the world. When Kok moved to Cebu, he brought with him the popular wine of his region and thought to share it with the Cebuanos.

This Friday, October 26, Melchior Fine Wines will be handing out a free glass of rosé wine to the first 50 people at the HOUSE OF GOLD. Two types of rosé wine will be offered; the Mirabeau and Colette. The Mirabeau, which has a 13% alcohol content, tastes smooth with notes of citrus that linger on the tongue, while the Colette tastes sweeter and hits a bit more despite having a lesser alcohol content of 12.5%.

Have a taste of this world-class rosé wine straight from Provence, France for free! Come join us this Friday night for the second HOUSE OF GOLD, a gastronomic feast and eargasmic journey of House music spun and played by the Rhythm Crew, Boyet Illustrisimo and Manolo Aballe featuring an exceptional P990 buffet made by the one and only KAYU: Kitchen + Bar. The first 50 people to be there will be given free world-class rosé courtesy of Melchior Fine Wines.

The House of Gold is the ultimate collab between food, music and party! For table reservations call 406 3095 / 09177083883