A lot of people love sipping tea, but a lot more prefer to have it with milk and sugar. Milk teas are a popular tea option for most Asian countries, especially in the Philippines. People favor them more because they essentially remove the strong, bitter flavors found in black teas. Milk teas are smooth, creamy and sweet, guaranteed to satisfy any Filipino with a sweet tooth.

A different type of milk tea is called bubble tea. It is sort of like a milkshake with tapioca balls or “bubbles” inside the drink. It can be mixed with sorts of fruits like mango or lychee. Entrepreneur Meyan Lim Young brought her love for the concoction from travelling around Asia and created her own homegrown brand, Bubble Tea Station, at Banilad, Cebu more than five years ago. It quickly became the most popular tea shop in Cebu.

Bubble Tea Station offers a wide range of drinks from coffee style and fruity style bubble teas to mixes. Among their popular concoctions are the Wintermelon Supreme, a wonderful mix of black tea, creamer, wintermelon, brown sugar and pearls; and the Nagoya, a sweet creamy milk tea flavored with roasted vanilla.

If you’re craving for that kind of sweet and creamy beverage, then here’s some good news for you. Bubble Tea Station is giving away free drinks if you play along to Y101FM’s 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS which runs from December 10 to 21, 2018. All you have to do is tune in to Y101FM throughout the day and listen for the rhythm crew’s directions to locate the grand gifts heard in the popular Christmas carol. The prize pool gets bigger each passing day, and you will get the chance to win more and more. So why not try your luck today?