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Not a lot of people are familiar with tapas more so of tapas bars. Most people think they are just small plates of free finger foods given to a customer when ordering a drink. It is most commonly practiced in Spain where tapas and tapas bars are key part of life and integral to local culture.

Tapas, in layman’s term, is a sort of pulutan or sumsuman to go with the drinks at the bar. They can be cold, such as mixed olives and cheese, or hot such as fried squids or grilled meat. In some bars, tapas can be ordered in assorted platters which can be good for sharing or as a full meal of itself.

Cebu recently opened its first tapas bar in Nivel Hills, Busay called Que Pasa, which literally means “What’s up?” in Spanish. Que Pasa Tapas Bar is giving Cebuanos an opportunity to get into the tapas culture and taste the delicious world of raciones and chopitos.

You can get a chance to try this Spanish cuisine at Cebu’s very own Que Pasa Tapas Bar located on Nivel Hills, Busay by joining Y101FM’s 12 Days of Christmas. The promo runs from December 10 to 21, 2018. All you have to do is tune in to Y101FM throughout the day and listen for the rhythm crew’s directions to locate the grand gifts heard in the popular Christmas carol. The prize pool gets bigger each passing day, and you will get the chance to win more and more. So why not try your luck today?