This Christmas season, you are most likely to dash through traffic to get to malls and buy gifts for your loved ones. After a long day of driving, your car will collect a lot of dust and gravel from the road. Worst, it could even catch bird droppings from above. Why not treat your car and get it pampered once in a while. Precision Auto Spa is just the right place for that.

Precision Auto Spa is located at 28B M. Veloso Street in Guadalupe, Cebu City. They guarantee to make “cars look perfect, inside and out: from allergy-free steam cleaning and odor removal, to exterior polishing, detailing, and Ceramic Coating”. Precision Auto Spa keeps your car in pristine condition.

Get a free car wash at Precision Auto Spa if you can find the gifts mentioned in the Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas” the rhythm crew have hidden on our website ( The promo runs from December 10 to 21, 2018. The prize will get bigger each passing day, and you will get the chance to win more and more. So why not try your luck today?