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Where to get tickets? What are the rates? Who will be performing?

What is ISLA Music Festival?

Isla Music Festival emerged as a team advocating for the wide promotion and love for OPM Music. Supported by local influencers and legendary founders such as Powerspoonz, Marlon Orellano, and Franco, the Isla Music Festival is gearing up for its second year and everyone is invited!


Out of more than 7,101 islands in the Philippines, Isla Music Festival 2017 has once again chosen Santa Fe, Bantayan Island to host another epic experience for the country. With the goal to promote the local and socio-economical capacity of the island itself; The ISLA Team has found an avenue to finally gather both locals and the tourists interest through ISLA Festival of Music, Fashion and Food!


The festival will run for 4 days! It starts on April 12, 2017 (Saturday 5:30pm) and ends on April 15, 2017 (Saturday 2:00am)

How to get tickets?

There is a pre-selling price until March 24. For P461.25, you can get 4 day entry passes in the island! You can order the ticket here.

Package rates are also available;
P6,000 is good for 4 pax , 4 VIP passes, 1 bottle of mojitos tequila
P8,000 is good for 4 pax, airconditioned, 4 VIP passes, 1 bottle of mojitos tequila

First come first serve limited slots available. Reserve yours now. Call/text #09420912317

For more information and updates, you can visit the official Isla Music Festival Facebook page.

Who will be performing?

For now, only DJ Ace Ramos has been announced as the first official DJ Performer for the festival. There are also rumors that Urbandub will be there. However, official line-up will still have to be announced. So keep posted.

ISLA Music Festival is a celebration of CEBUANO music in the island of Sta.Fe, Bantayan Island. It’s four days of music, food, and fashion. Stay tune for more updates!

Here is last year’s video: (embed)

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