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events 030215main

Didn’t you know that there are things from our own country worth being proud of? 

events 030115main

If you are into books, then you might want to be at the launching.

events 022315main

It’s going to be a HAHA day!

events 022815main

Love arts and craft?

events 022215main

Well this is not so new, but it does have a very strong fan base and because of that, it is back for the Lenten season.

events 022715main

Join and be one with the people.

events 022115main

Lucky you, KrissSison, the country’s premiere manga artist will be the tutor of this program.

events 022615main

If you are in for a weird treat then this is the gallery for you.

events 022015main

This February 20-22, witness the 12th Thirsty Football Cup to be held at the Cebu City Sports Complex!

events 022515main

For all those who love danger and adrenaline, this is the event for you!

events 021915main

Alvin Zafra, the photographer explores 2 different cities and took note of their architectures.

events 022415main

Whether you want to laugh or give laughs, an Open Mic Show is going to be held at Kukuk’s nest for all the aspiring comedians out there!

events 021815main

This Saturday, February 21, 2015 to Thursday, March 5, 2015, tell your friends to go with you to witness something breath taking!