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I have witnessed so many Presidential elections in the past and this is by far the most emotionally charged Election I have ever seen.

People are clamoring for change. You can feel their frustration and anger. They are tired of the incompetence of the previous administration. They are tired of traditional corrupt politicians. They do not find comfort in inexperienced candidates. They are very passionate and vocal about their feelings. The energy is very contagious. Others are also very silent. They are very observant; you can tell that they are weighing things like the pros and the cons of the most popular candidate. They are looking for options and how this would benefit them and the country in the future. They are the less emotional and more analytical.

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Filipinos are known to be emotional. They feel more than they think. This is very evident in this election. It can be a good thing since love for country is evident, however this can also be used to pursue the political agenda of others. I have seen brilliant political strategies and spins in the past but this is by far one of the best for one side and the worse for the other. Not everyone can see this because most look at what is in the surface and fail to see what is underneath. It is very important that we make our choice basing on political platform and competence to pursue this. A good perspective of how government works is needed. A lot of analysis should be made and this requires thinking.

Yes go out and vote! Exercise your right and freedom. Use your emotion to fuel the desire for change and a better Philippines but make sure that this is done with the benefit of intellect. Think of the future and not of the past. Be aware that freedom is essential and discipline comes from with in. There is no short cut to democracy and the freedom that we enjoy. Remember that you will be responsible for the vote that you will cast today and it is your duty to protect our democracy because after all government emanates from the people and not from one single individual.

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