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Is EDM losing its trend?

After I wrote ‘Is Rock and Roll Dead’ I asked Mike O about his reaction to my article. He’s the man who creates the playlist for Friday Gold Rush, so therefore he’s the perfect person I just had to ask. He knows more about rock and roll than anybody else so I grabbed the opportunity and got my recorder, sat in his office and talked with him for 30 minutes.

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I had a fun conversation with him talking about rock music, indie rock, metal, jazz, Coldplay, and how people approaches rock music differently. He said he agreed to what I said in my article except for one thing.

In my previous article I said that rock music has no place in the mainstream anymore because of the steady success of hip-hop and the popularity of EDM. Mike O disagrees and told me that EDM is on a downtrend already.

He said that EDM’s peak was in 2010-2013, and that today we get less of that banging sound. Mike O defines EDM as a genre not as an umbrella term for all electronic dance music. He told me that it’s an offshoot of house, trance, and drum and bass.

If you’re a clubbing person, it’s just the same. EDM has no groove for me. EDM is all bang, no smooth transitions”.

For Mike O dance music should go slow first, then go faster and faster ‘til it builds up and goes down. That’s what the dance music Mike O grew up to. EDM is only bang all throughout.

Back in the early 2010’s, EDM was very popular. Mike O called them the Gods of music, they are this generation’s rock bands. He said that they were only popular then in an economical sense.

When you get a DJ it is cheaper, In a band you have to pay for each member. A DJ is only one person. It’s economical for the producers and for the people who handle the tour.”

But right now Mike O thinks that EDM has gotten less popular. It has been replaced with a groovier sound brought to us by DJ’s like Tez Cadey, De Hofnar, and Robin Schulz.

I thought EDM could have lasted longer. But right now music festivals are already getting back the feel of the groove, and the feel of guitar-driven bands.”


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