Carlow Talk mothers day

Our hip-hop and rnb DJ talks about his career inspiration.

Mother's Day is fast-approaching and Carlow talks about how he got into music in the first place. Aside from giving the best life advises, teaching him what patience and sacrifice are all about, Carlow recalls how he first fell in love with music.

His mom was his first musical influence as she made him experience different genres that were celebrated back in the day such as 50s pop, rock and roll and dance music from the later years. A fond childhood memory is when "My mom showed me different records that she got from my uncle. He was a DJ as well. One day, she brought home a Voltes V OST record. She's play it for me every morning just to wake me up." They both went as far as memorizing each lyric as his mom wrote them down for them to memorize. "I obviously didn't understand the lyrics but we enjoyed it."

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"Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday- give back by doing little deeds that show her you care." He also expresses, "I love my mom's sense of humor, too, but one of the biggest things I'm thankful for is that she introduced music to my life and never looked back ever since."

So how has your mom touched your life? We're wishing every mother out there an advanced Happy Mother's Day!

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