If you think you can handle multi-tasking, think again.


Y101FM is happy to announce last week’s daily winners for the #ShowMeYourSummer contest.

A funny thing happened. Before the interview, I tried calling Icky at the station since it was a Sunday, and I wanted to make things convenient for me and him, but he never answered. I viewed the stream and he didn’t seem to pay attention to the phone. That’s why I went to the station only to find out that Icky didn’t pick the phone up because someone was pranking him earlier.

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Last week, two people died after they were allegedly poisoned after drinking milk tea from a milk teashop in Sampaloc Manila.

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The voice of the middays share her thoughts about animals.

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Hey, have you seen a sunset? Of course you have, but what I mean is, have you SEEN it? Every detail of it?

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You should know by now that we, Y101FM, have been trying to give you everything we can.

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Did you know that your favourite radio station is now on Instagram?

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Summer is here again, and everyone seems to be enjoying the high temperature and the many activities that summer has to offer.

Someone in the station loves the color blue, but wait, it doesn’t seem to match her personality. Do colors really represent a person’s nature?

Y101FM is happy to announce last week’s daily winners for the #ShowMeYourSummer contest.

For an individual who embodies elegance and ingenious flair, it’s not a surprise that this woman is drawn to the exquisite things in life.

Finally! I was able to talk to Chad The Stud and ask him about Y101FM.