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This week, news broke about the death of a leader; Lee Kuan Yew succumbed to his illness at the age of 91.

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Emilio Tuason
is the man behind the whole corporation.

Ever wondered how your favorite morning guy is off air? You’ll be very surprised.

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Plan to run? Why not register for Hunat Sugbu 2015?

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Danilo Cojo was driving his 10 wheeler truck from Naga City towards Cebu City via SRP around dawn of last Sunday, when a sedan driven by Rostico Bas, on his way to Talisay City, swerved and slammed into Cojo’s truck.

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Summer may be a time to enjoy but I came across and article saying that summer is also a time for diseases.

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Summer time is usually the time where you are free depending on the nature for your work and your status.

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Do you still have vinyls? Have you ever squeezed out the potential there is from them? If not, here are tips on how to get the best out of your vinyl.

Since it’s summer and I thought people better learn something useful during the time of their vacation, I thought about free diving. However, I wasn’t so sure about that so I asked Carlow who happens to be a free diver.

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Listening to your favorite Radio Station but do not know much details? Well this is the article for you!

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And how to make it better? Dance the 80’s dance! Here is a list of the famous dance moves:

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I talked to Charito, the Y101FM traffic -in-charge/ corporate secretary, about the differences of Y101FM before and after, and without hesitation, she told me "THE LOGO!"


We were so happy to have the child prodigy, Alexandre Laverez known to many as AK, participate in Knock Out Thursdays.