Have you listened to this late night program lately?

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Most of us are working harder than dogs- to some, they work 12 hours a day and not remember that they are human and forgetting to enjoy life. 

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Video Games aren’t just a fad- they are now a part of life and to some people, a vital part.

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The prosecution panel in the Maguindanao massacre trial, yesterday, suffered a heavy blow after the judge handling the multiple murder case ordered the release of former provincial officer-in-charge Sajid Islam Ampatuan.

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They happen. Accidents happen but the thing is they can be avoided by just being careful.

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It was a regular afternoon where John M shared to me an experience.


This man is not the kind who wants to talk much and get published so we’d rather talk about Marko than have to run around chasing him for some information.

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For many, the greatest summer vacations are spent on a known resort- five star hotels, bars, restaurants and the likes.

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After the tragic encounter between our elite special action force, MILF and BIFF fighters in Mamasapano which was dubbed by media as The Fallen 44, a lot of questions were raised by the people. What is the Bangsamoro Basic Law all about?

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If you haven’t seen her personally yet, let me help you visualize how she looks like.

Since everyone wants him, he now has his own slot where you can enjoy every bit of him but wait, shouldn’t we get to know him first?

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Oh the 80’s, the time when neon colors were the trend and where disco was at its peak.

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There’s this attitude of Filipinos which is very prevalent and degrading.