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Everyone loves beer… the people of Y101FM loves beer too.

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Kids nowadays would ask their parents for the latest tablet or phone there is available in the market; however, it wasn’t the case of the 90’s kids.

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Everyone’s excited for summer! 

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What’s with blue anyway? According to an article from Business Insider, the color blue may never been known until the modern times.

Jeane Louise, the woman who shares you the good vibes during the middays.

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I’m just new here and was surprised when I learned a lot of things about Y101FM.

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We have seen a lot of “One Hit Wonders” but only a few drilled forever-holes in our minds.

No one is as expressive as Robin when it comes to talking about food.

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Last K.O. Thursdays, we were honored to have the 2 best Tekken Players in Cebu come over the station for some serious battle!

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The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) is an Islamic Militant Organization based in Mindanao, Philippines.

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We can feel it; the heat of the sun, the feel of the breeze and the statuses posted on social media.

I haven’t had a meal since morning so I didn’t really know what to ask John about his opinions… all of a sudden, we began talking about food.

It’s almost summer time and everyone’s making their plans including Carlow.