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Last Friday, we woke up to news of the shooting and killing of a German national, and the wounding of a French and Indian national at a McDonalds outlet in Talisay City.

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Of course, most of us do not like the heat. But we could not stop the summer season from coming, can we?

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John M shares the best things about summer and I never knew he had better summers than most of the kids now, it made me jealous!

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The sun may seem harsh and cancer-like but it isn’t that bad as long as you look at the bright side of it.

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Never did I expect Robin to be a beach girl I mean, with skin as fair as hers, who would?

We had a random chat with Jeane Louise and we ended up knowing things that she likes!

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Mindanao, often referred to by some as the Promise Land of the Philippines, is one of the islands with the largest land area in the Philippine archipelago.  It is rich in minerals with soil ideal for agriculture.

This is still a getting-to-know phase for us and George so we chose to talk to her about the past, since it’s going to be a talk about Friday and of course, we were curious of what was in her mind. 

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Ever wondered what the people of the dark think about summer?

Many people have summer plans and it was great talking about it with Chad the Stud- he did have some plans which I could copy!

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Tekken is a very popular game and is still taking over the arcade and console scene by storm!

A girl talk is what happens when two girls talk in the absence of guys- or just not minding the existence or the presence of the male species lingering around the area.