I was feeling bubbly and wanted to know more about Mama Cash’s sweet side.


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This is a sensitive issue but I cannot help but write about it.

Jiggy was hosting during the #SHOWMEYOURSINULOG Awarding which gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down, have a few drinks and talk to him.

Many people loved the 90’s while some considered it the best.

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Many people have been complaining about Valentine’s Day.

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Last Thursday knocked us out!

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The Aquino administration has been fraught with criticism since Benigno Aquino III, better known as PNoy, was elected President of the Philippines in 2010.

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I have never thought George would have experienced things like these. It’s almost like the movies!


Ever wondered what she does during her favorite weather?

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Being in your 20’s is actually one of the best stages in life- you begin working, you meet a lot of people, you are now in a stable relationship (or happily single)… it’s like all of life’s peak in a bottle.

Finally, we have the winners!

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Last January 25, 2015, the Philippine nation woke up to sad news.