franky photo

Here’s Frankie, this generation’s pal! The rhythm of the city has finally someone on board who lives and breathes what a millenial really is like. Frankie wants to be this generation’s John M or Chad the Stud. By that, he means to be the friend of the airwaves that his generation can relate to.

He’s chill, he’s young, he’s someone anyone would like to have a beer with. He’s here to make the afternoon drives less stressful, the late nights more comfortable, and the Friday nights wilder! Frankie is the millenial’s laid-back radio friend. He’s gonna make things fresh and he’s gonna make them relatable!

Listen to Frankie’s loose and warm voice every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays on the Afternoon Drive (2:00pm-6:00pm), Wednesdays on the Late Night Rhythms (10pm-2:00am), Fridays on Party Patrol (8:00pm-10:00pm) and Sundays on the Stripped Down Rhythms (8:00pm-10:00pm)