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This Sinulog, Y101FM Always First in partnership with Canon presents: Show Me Your Sinulog!

What is this anyway? Show Me Your Sinulog is a Photo Contest where people can showcase their photography skills and win amazing prizes!

Show Me Your Sinulog has two categories: First category is where you use any Canon camera and the second category is an open category where you can use any kind of camera.

How to Join:

Take the picture

Follow us on Twitter: @y101fm and @y101traffic

Like Our Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/y101fm

Upload your picture on our official Facebook page with the hashtag #showmeyoursinulog and your Twitter account
                                example:  #showmeyoursinulog  submitted by:@darthvader

For Canon entries, don’t forget to submit your CD copies to the Y101Fm station before January 20, 2015.

The deadline for Show Me Your Sinulog will be on January 25, 2015. Both categories will have the chance to win the Viewer’s Choice Award which will be based on the number of likes for each photo. Viewer’s Choice Award is until January 30, 2015.

Prizes for both categories:

1st place: DSLR Camera

2nd place: Canon IXUS

3rd Place: Printer

Viewer’s Choice Award

Disclaimer: Failure to complete the mechanics will nullify your entry. Only one entry per category. For Canon entries, you can use the same photo for both categories.