This weekend, LANY spends a third week atop the WEEKEND TOP 20 while two new songs debut. Satin Jackets’ nu-disco “Primordial” and LAUV’s real life-inspired “Superhero” enter the charts for the first time in the weekend date December 22, 2018. Check out facts about these songs below.

Knocker: “Without Me” by Halsey

  • Without Me” is the first new Halsey song since her last album which dropped last year. In this song, Halsey dives into her personal feelings as she sings about her very public relationship.

Debut:Primordial” by Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells

  • Satin Jackets dropped the nu-disco banger “Primordial” back in July and it was once said to be the “perfect song to wind down the dog days of summer”. Written by Niya Wells herself, the singer said the song is about those “rare experiences with people who just happened to show up at the right place, at the right time, who are also seeking or craving the same primal connection”.

Debut:Superhero” by LAUV

  • Superhero” is inspired by one of the notes left by a fan during LAUV’s tour in New York. In each of his concert, the producer would leave a box he calls “My Blue Thoughts”, as a way for fans to anonymously share what they’re thinking. One note he read in the box was “I met a superhero. I lost her. I want her back”. LAUV was instantly inspired to write a story about the note.

Gossip – WHY DON’T WE

  • Why Don’t We is a fairly new pop band in American first assembled in September of 2016. Each of the five members of the group has had a solo career prior to joining the group, the most significant of which is Daniel Seavey who is notable for his top-12 ranking in American Idol Season 14. Since their inception, the band has toured with many artists such as Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and the Chainsmokers. They are currently promoting their debut album, 8 Letters, and is touring North America, with their next concert to be held in San Antonio, Texas in February.

#1Malibu Night” by LANY

  • Now on its third week atop the WEEKEND TOP 20, Malibu Night by LANY only managed to peak at number 36 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and that was two months ago already.  Paul Klein, who wrote the song in January amidst his break-up with Dua Lipa, says he’s still “very thankful” that their break-up happened. He said it allowed him to be a more productive artist.