Y101FM app is the best

Staying true to our slogan Always First, Y101 has debuted the first true radio app in Cebu just a few weeks ago. With over a thousand downloads already, the Y101FM App proved to be a successful application to get everyone around the world connected always.

Just like any other app, the Y101FM app has some pretty interesting features. And one of them is the high quality audio-streaming. This is why.

Radio broadcasts often have limited reach especially if you're using a signal from a tower. Say you want to travel South of Cebu or move to a place halfway around the world, the radio signal on your car stereo or phone would become choppy. That would subsequently make you miss a really entertaining or important broadcast from the rhythm of the city.

With the Y101FM App, you wouldn't need to worry about missing your favorite shows and some important information anymore. With the app's special high-quality audio streaming, we make sure that the broadcast is crystal clear even if you're in the far reaches of the Earth.

So if your signal can't reach us, especially if you're abroad, you can just download our free Y101FM app on any Android and Apple device and get crystal clear audio. The Y101FM app, brought to you by the rhythm of the city, Y101, ALWAYS FIRST.

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