House music dance parties were very exciting social events back in the day. Clubs like Zero Below, Fuel, and DTM provided great venue for students to mingle and meet the people they would eventually spend their lives together with. House music was the zeitgeist of 1990’s Cebu City. Those who lived through the time, like most of the rhythm crew here at Y101, say it was one of the most transformative moments of their lives. It was their carefree days. Blaring synths, slapping bass and progressive beats that hypnotizes you for hours on end, house music gets you into a captivating groove that one has to experience with others to truly achieve a high.

Back in September 28, Y101 recreated that experience for those who missed the good ol’ days. We built the HOUSE OF GOLD held at KAYU: Kitchen + Bar. It was a night filled with everyone’s favorite 90’s and 2000’s house music and exquisite food that kept on coming. If you didn’t come to the House of Gold, you missed out a lot.

KAYU: Kitchen + Bar located inside 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug, Cebu provided the venue for the first ever HOUSE OF GOLD event. The lavish atmosphere inside the restaurant was complemented with the fancy and delectable dishes inspired from modern California cuisine created by KAYU owner Chef Izzy Sy.  A buffet for P990 gave those guests who reserved a table unlimited food which includes the juicy and crispy Conchinillo Exquisito, an 8-hour roasted pork served with apple puree. Other dishes served during House of Gold were the squid ink spaghetti with pork chashu and soy bacon cream, fish tacos, glazed salmon, and chicken wings glazed in guava barbecue, and many more. There were also desserts to die for including the popular mango pavlova made from creamy mango pudding and lemon meringue. Jiggy Jr even had some of the restaurant’s famous beer cocktail.

The music at the HOUSE OF GOLD was carefully curated by the rhythm crew and was inspired by the house music that shaped the culture of Cebu City back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Bryan G’s playlist included many great French House tracks from Daft Punk and Stardust. And after a few hours, Manolo Aballe, the artist formerly known as DJ War or Warak, took his turn and blasted many of the great hits from Robert Miles, the Bucketheads, Kaskade, and Azzido Da Bass.

The party went on until late in the morning. It was the first ever House of Gold and it gave all who visited a nostalgic blast from the past with some unlimited delectable food and drinks that kept things even better! When the next HOUSE OF GOLD comes around, be sure to be there. The next House of Gold event will be coming real soon. Stay tuned.