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events 021715main

This is something the family would love!

events 021615main

For those who do not know, Liui Aquino is well-known in the cosplay world for his accurate portrayal of the character Hiccup from the movie How To Train Your Dragon.

events 021015main

Join LIV’s Love Hunt this February 13, with DJ Junglist!

events 021515main

Join the PhilHealth: Ready, TSeKaP, Go!

events 020915main

Tell all the athletes you know!

events 021415main

How? Wear your color! It will indicate your standing!

events 020815main

Check out something you have not seen before! A Photography Exhibition curated by Rick Rocamora ”Unpredictable…Unscripted”.

 events 021315main

Well the impossible is now possible!

events 020714main

Big Mountain is LIVE here in Cebu!

events 021215main

This February 14th, brig your lover and friends to LIV.

events 020615main

You might just win 300,000 pesos in cash!

events 021115main

Fifty Shades Of Grey is finally on its way to seduce, dominate and pleasingly violate you!

 events 020515main

It’s Valentines anyway!